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    I am using 2.2.3. Is there a way to hide from att. Planning to use a non smart phone to turn off data plan and switch back to veer.
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    Tinfoil hat?

    All kidding aside, I don't think the Veer will work with SIM card that doesn't have a data plan. I just sent my old Veer to my Dad's wife, and similar story...she doesn't have a plan, the phone didn't work.....and she doesn't want to pay for a plan either.
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    This will not work. At&t will figure out you are using a smart phone...
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    Really ATT won't let you use an smart phone without data? That sucks and seems to be a bit illegal to me if you own the phone outright. I can see data to register the phone but up here in Canada I am with Bell and used my Pre and my veer without data from day one.
    Bell told me I needed data but that was only if I bought the phone on a plan meant to pay for it over a 3 year term. Once I told them I owned the phone they said I needed it to start up and register the phone. But once it was running I called and cancelled the data portion. Been running ever since.
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    AT&T works fine without data. I own a Pre+ (AT&T branded) and when State-side, run it with my GoPhone SIM. I can purchase a data pack if I want, but it's not mandatory.

    No idea why you're trying to trick them with a dumbphone. Simply turn off data in settings. As long as you're not on-contract, they *should* let you remove data when you call. If they give you grief, either downgrade to a GoPhone (pay as you go) acct or cancel your account & go to TMobile, etc...

    Good luck

    Edit: your dumphone trick might be simplest if you do it simply for the purpose of 'staging for the call'
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    Happened to me personally; AT&T added data to my plan when I switched to a smartphone. The perplexing part was that the device wasn't even being subsidized and they did it w/o my consent (it was later removed).

    The following may be related:
    if you currently have a 2G phone on the AT&T network, you most likely received recent warnings stating that after upcoming network upgrades (effective May 15) you may not be able to place or receive calls. They're offering free 3G (and 4G?) phones in an exchange program until the above date. The first thing in my head was whether this was some slick move to get 3G units into people's hands in order to justify forcing data plans on them.

    BTW, 2G units are still working as of 1 hour ago.
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    i've just read on other forum that if att does not have the imei, then you can turn off the data plan. I bought this hp veer from craigslist and i notice that when i brought the sim over to the Veer, it appear as unknown in My ATT's data usage. But after i called to ask for unlocked codes, then it started to show as HP Veer.
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    I might be missing something, but I'm not sure what the issue is... I used my Veer for 6 months on AT&T gophone, and it was great. They actually sell you data packages which are very reasonable. All I did was buy a gophone refill card, then go online into my gophone account and looked under the 'optional packages'. just click on purchase for whatever one you want, and it deducts the amount from your balance. I think you can get 500mb for $20.

    But again, maybe this is over my head... My Veer was running 2.1.2.
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    att gophone data has changed. they dont allow you to by data without buying a monthly plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c_legaspi View Post
    att gophone data has changed. they dont allow you to by data without buying a monthly plan.
    That's rough... must've been pretty recent. I had mine up until a month and a half ago. Glad to find out about it, though, since I was considering going back...
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    I've been using my Veer on a couple of different networks up here in Canada for a few months now, and it's worked like a charm. When I traveled to the US for a few weeks I grabbed an AT&T GoPhone SIM with the $2/day unlimited talk and text plan with the $10 intl. calling add on, and it worked great. I'm assuming by this that it's only possible to use the Veer on GoPhone if you don't want to pay for data. That being said, though, GoPhone has some pretty reasonable rates, and since you pay up front there's no surprises on your monthly bill.

    Here in Canada, if you purchase the phone outright there's no obligation to use a data plan on any of our major networks (Rogers, Telus, Bell), and some such as Rogers even offer their Smartphone "Lite" packages with lower end Droids/WPs where a data plan isn't necessary, pretty handy. Then again, we have to sign 3 year contracts, which sucks.

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