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    I'm trying to have my son taking over my HP Veer with 2.2.4, that worked flawlessly with A1 (other austrian provider).
    I now tried the configuration from with the carrierdb.json editor from DigitalUnlock carrierdb.json Editor
    I believe I did enter everything correctly, although there are a lot of fields I'm nut sure what to put in.
    Problem is, I'm still on "R" for roaming, which means I'm not able to use the data package.

    Did anyone get BOB Austria successfully into a carrierdb.json file?
    Did anyone successfully update his json file with similar data, and can help?

    To identify Bob I used:
    "qOperatorLongName":"bob Austria",


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Need to get this working, as it was supposed to be the birthday present for my boy ;-).

    Many thanks in advance,
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