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    Just wondering what people are using for navi options? I have an unlocked veer, so the built in AT&T app doesn't work. Also the reviews for ndrive make me not want to touch it. Has anyone hacked sprint nav to work? What options are out there? Thanks all.
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    Try NAVIT see It works on my Veer.
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    Thank you - I think I'll look into loading that up
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravbx View Post
    Thank you - I think I'll look into loading that up
    I'm using the Ndrive beta on my 2.2.4 veer. Prior to updating I used the regular version. Works great, just more expensive. Offline maps are nice. Display works well on the veer, and the turn by turn audio is good.
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    There is no reason to worry about the bug in ndrive in my opinion. I run ndrive, let it bomb out, kill data, run it again, and it works better than any nav software I have ever used. I think despite that bug, its great on my 2.2.4 veer...

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    I use NDrive also and I love it. Whats the bug people talk about?
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    HP Veer 4G (Webos 2.1.2)

    I installed Navit and all dependencies of Navit like (Locale, SpeechD and Navit maps) but

    Navit icon glows and disappears..

    OTA bug also cleared.. Still not working


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