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    When I installed 2.2.4 on my Veer few weeks ago, I didn't setup Skype account.
    I set it up few days ago and found my battery dropped faster than before.
    I use Battery Monitor and found power drain was at 5-6% per hour without phone calls.
    I rebooted the phone couple times but the situation remained.
    I then deleted my Skype account and rebooted my phone.
    The power drain is now 2-3% per hour and quite constant.

    So, Skype uses more power?
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    This is actually quite logical, because for Skype it needs to use WiFi actively! So that drains the battery more
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    any "chat" program that runs in the background (Yahoo IM, Google Talk etc) has to constantly ping a server that you are connected, and check who is available/online.

    Since Messaging Synergy runs all the time, you will constantly be sending these bytes of data.

    While small, with a 3/4G connection this means that you constantly have to have the phone connected to a Data Tower, which will eat up battery.

    Solution: Turn Skype and all IM to offline if you want to save battery.

    Also Uberkernel with screenstate set real low, as well as OnDemandTCL gov set with the lowest CPU speed for the low frequency (122mhz) will save battery.
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    Is there anyway to set Skype to offline? I can set gtalk to offline in Message so it no longer to active, but Skype seems to be working in a different way.

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