For some reason, last week I developed an issue when syncing to my outlook work e-mail.

This makes no sense to me, but even after refreshing, the phone will not show select new e-mails. One or two e-mails per day (a small number of the total), are never shown by the phone and I don't realize they are there until I log into outlook on the browser or at my computer. What I really do not understand is that it will show all e-mails before and after the e-mail I never received, just that one is lost.

Also, less of an issue, but when outlook is set to push e-mail, e-mails are usually ~20 minutes delayed, but calendar invites are instant (now I just have it get e-mail every 5 minutes). I had the exact same problem on my iPhone, so it might be a work sever issue.

My inbox is fairly large (~600 emails) if that might cause any problems. Are there any similar stories?

Other than the e-mail issue and the lack of a document editor in quick office (and the slowness of bing maps, to be picky), love the phone. It is a shame it never really had a chance commercially.