Hi, I had similar problems: Windows 10 told me, that my Veer wasn't recognized any more at the USB port. When shutting down my Veer and connecting it with the PC it started immediately but didn't load. When listening to music with a wired headset only the left ear-speaker had sound. After touching the cable that is attached at the magnetic connector inside the device I didn't get any sound any more. So it was clear to me that it was probably a connection problem betweenthe connector and the cable. I had no idea how to separate the connector from the main unit so I tried to insert a small flat piece of plastic behind the cable of the connector. Therefor I inserted a small screwdriver inside the gap between cable and the plastic frame near the battery cage. I moved the screwdriver back and forth a little bit to get the plastic strip in so the plastic frame where the connector is attached was bend at several positions. The magnets can't be bend - so suddenly and unexpected the connector fell off!!
I did the same with another damaged Veer that is left with some spare parts and could seperate the connector with the cable, too. It was a little bit difficult to place all parts exactly at the right position because in my case the little middle part with the five pins and the cable fell off from the basic plate with the two magnets. But now the situation is much better: I have to move the cable a little bit on the connector - then I have sound on both ear-speakers and Windows 10 is recognizing my Veer again!