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    I am using AT & T unlocked Veer on Vodafone in India. I can surf the internet on 3G/Edge. As soon as I launch App Catalog, 3G/Edge icon disappears and phone asks me to connect to Wi-Fi. Is this because of unlocked nature of phone or anything else ?

    Please Help.
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    This is "normal" for an AT&T Veer outside of the US with another carrier !
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    I guess I have only Wi-Fi for App Catalog now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    This is "normal" for an AT&T Veer outside of the US with another carrier !
    NO this is not normal ...may b i didn't understand u fully...but i believe most of the indian webOS users are using AT&T version phones........and they all can access app catalog (ofcourse they have to create their profile )...with their Edge / GPRS / 3G connection......
    can u surf internet on ur veer over 3g ??
    did u try restarting the phone and then go to app catalog??
    if u have created ur profile and can do browsing over cellular connection then i dont see any reason for this..
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    Here is a weird experience.

    On BSNL 3G, I can access App Catalog.

    But on Vodafone Edge or 3G disappears as soon as App Catalog is launched. I don't know why.

    I can surf the net over Edge or 3G, but can't access App Catalog.

    My plan is to use Vodafone 3G to create a Hotspot from Veer and then use it to install Preware & Impostah on Pre 2.

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