I bought a Veer right after its release and remember how speedy it felt. After HP announced they were killing webOS hardware, I quickly returned it and defected to an Android phone. Don't hold that against me. I learned my lesson.

So... I picked up a Veer from Amazon to return to the fold of the diehard webOS faithful. My new Veer feels much more sluggish than I recall. I fully concede this may be memories more fond than real. Just to be paranoid, I doctored the device using the proper AT&T 2.1.2 file.

I decided to install the stable uberKernel (Veer). All was well and snappy at 1.4Ghz for a few days, but I didn't care for how fast the 1.4Ghz clock drained my battery. I returned to both the uberKernel default settings and the Palm Default. The battery still seemed to deplete more quickly than I hoped (although I didn't give either of the latter setting enough time to get a fair read). I finally decided to uninstall uberKernel to see if I felt a difference in battery life.

While the battery seems to hold longer on the stock kernel, I've noticed Govnah reports the clock speed at 368.84Mhz and never changes, even under heavy load. Does Govnah not read the stock kernel correctly or is something (me or the Veer) going crazy?