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    Hey guys -

    Having stupid issues with my Veer lately; I can send email from my Gmail account just fine. However, it won't push emails to the device. The only way I can get email on it is if I remove the account (either deleting or turning it off from the Google account) and sign in again. And even then, the emails come in without the text; I get the "Retrieving Email Text" spinner and then the email if I click on it.

    Meanwhile, I have a POP account that works perfectly.

    I remember there was an issue with Muffle System Logging a few months back; I have never had that patch on the Veer.

    I have webOS Doctored the device twice, as well as a full erase of the device. I've tried the Emergency Filecache Wipe as well as the commandline to clear the file cache, and still nothing.

    I'm at a loss. I just want my email back. Any suggestions?
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    Added another gmail account to the Veer; worked and sync'd perfectly.

    And they have the exact same settings. I don't understand this.
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    Got it to work; I had to archive my emails from the Gmail server. Once that happened, it cleared my phone to get email again.
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    I wanted to chime in here because I spent about two days on this issue myself after buying a brand new in box Veer from eBay only to find that not just the app catalog didn't work anymore (couldn't even open it to get the updated one, even with the date-rollback trick), but that gmail wasn't working either. Well, just now I was finally able to resolve the issue with this link:

    It's a security feature Google implemented some time recently that essentially blocks "unknown devices" from accessing your account, as an extra precaution to prevent account hacking. If you use the above link you can temporarily take down this security barrier and then try to connect with your phone again. I had to erase my account from the phone first, to the point that it was not referenced in any way in the Accounts app. Once gone, re-add your Google account using the standard quick-setup button in the Accounts app, and voila, it should start inundating your Veer with all the messages you've been waiting on. Saints be praised!
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