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    I bought a brandnew Veer for my girlfriend which arrived today. We unpacked the Veer and compared to my own Veer the slider on the new one runs not smoothly at all. It keeps getting stuck both especially and extremely when opening the slider.

    Is this only the case because it is brandnew? Will this get better by using the slider more often?

    With my own Veer: I simply give it a slight go to open the slider and it runs smoothly almost automatically till the end and then there is this click-stop that you hear (also when closing). This is not the case with the new one.

    Should I return the phone?

    I would appreciate any advice!
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    Check if the board of the keyboard close tightly. During shipping it could get open.
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    everything seems to fit perfectly. Nothing is moving.

    I can now specify the problem a bit more: when opening the slider it does not automatically click/jump into being open. It rests above the keyboard but still a few millimeters are missing to being completely open. This has to be done manually.

    Closing works properly. I give the slider a tap and almost automatically it closes with the click at the end. The click is completely missing when opening.

    Any ideas?
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    You mean the slider is not going all the way up itself right? Then I don't know. The time I had slider problem was when the board of keyboard protruded out and opening and closing the slider would be a bit difficult at the keyboard side.

    I guess to fix the problem the back needs to be opened to see what's going on. But the Veer is not designed to be opened. So I suggest to return it since it's defective.

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    you have to break it in takes like a mo nth then everything will be good.

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