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    Hi there,

    I tested a few things with my Veer and now Im stuck with a problem.

    I checked out some video sites (e.g. watch-series) and when trying to open a video a codec was immediately downloaded. I stopped the download (the download bar was only done to one third or so).

    My question now is: where was the file stored? How can I access/delete the file? I have plugged in the Veer as a USB device and looked in the downloads folder but there is nothing in there. In case this has been a malicious file is there any danger in connect my Veer to my computer?

    Where would I normally find such a codec file whose download was triggered while browsing (also with regards to the fact that the download wasnt complete).

    May thanks!
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    Download Internalz Pro (and the 2 dependency files needed to install it) from Preware.
    Open Internalz Pro and scroll down to Downloads folder. Find the file you're looking for, press it and one of the options is Delete.
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    Internalz Pro cannot be installed via Preware at the moment. I tried several times but nothing happens after clicking on install. Checked the thread here in the forums and there seems to be a problem.

    Is there any other way to access this folder? Is this folder different from the "Downloads" folder that I can access when connecting the veer as a USB device?
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    Would "Internalz File Manager" from the App Catalog work for this?
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    I still cannot solve this 'problem' perhaps someone can enlighten me:

    I have installed InternalzPro in the meantime and use it quite a lot.

    I am still not able to locate this type of file.

    Where and how can I access files that are downloaded through the browser? In other words where and how can I access the files stored in the browser cache?

    The device is a Veer running webos 2.1.1.

    Thank you!
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    Just a thought.
    If the file was not completely downloaded (and registered) will it even show up or just self delete on the next reboot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tracks914 View Post
    Just a thought.
    If the file was not completely downloaded (and registered) will it even show up or just self delete on the next reboot?
    Or maybe in the .temp folder?
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    Hi all,

    just another question in this regard.

    While checking this folder on my TP (via Gemini File Manager) I found a lot of (more than 100) files as.palmcontendid-CA-I_XXX.crl.

    Do these files have any meaning or can I delete to clean up?

    Regards flows
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Or maybe in the .temp folder?
    Could you point me to the right folder? I see folders named .tmp in different locations but none of them stores the kind of data.

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