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    I just purchased another Veer as a spare and was hoping to unlock it free or cheap. I looked up the "free unlock by dogbert" thread but the first post has been edited and gone. Any reason why?
    Anyone know how to do it using that method?
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    Looks like it's still here

    Post# 53 has the link in a quote....I didn't notice a bunch of the posts were deleted.
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    google dogbert pre unlock, and his blog post is easy to find.
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    If it's an ATT Veer, I believe they are giving out the unlock codes since they EOL'd.
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    On a side note, if it has been tried 5 times unsuccessfully, I am told it will be permanently locked. is there any way to get another 5 tries? This is a used phone and I don't know if it has been tampered with.
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    use the parameter "--writeBack" when executing the script, e.g. --writeBack
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    Update, my spare Veer came in, I phoned AT&T for an unlock code and they said they couldn't find it in the list. They opened a case for me and told me I should have a reply within a week. Within 20 minutes I had the unlock code in my mail
    All is good and I have a spare (coolest phone ever) if mine ever fails.
    Tx all.

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