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    Hi, I was wondering if there are earphones with mic and music controller functions that would work with the Veer. I know the Palm Stereo Headset works well but its sound quality is only ok. Would this one from Skullcandy work with the Veer as to its mic and control switch functions? Or what kind of earphones with mic and music controller do you use with the Veer?

    Thanks for your inputs!

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    here is a good one from the Accessory Store
    I like them for telephone work & they have a working controller on the wire
    bass tends to be a bit wanting, but put a mini amp between them & the Veer & they deliver superb sound
    the Digizoid XO2 works like they were custom made for this combination & are tiny
    a side benefit from their unique design is minimal exposure to EM near your vital bits

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