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    The Veer is my first mobile phone and I'm new to the world of SMS. Saw this mentioned in the Pre2 section I'm not sure if this was resolved.

    I can send out new text messages and below it I see "Messages can no longer be sent or received in this conversation". I can get a reply and it appears below it but the same "messages can no longer..." appears below it too. Beside the name of the contact I see "LOCK", which appears can be selected to a different option but I can't change it to anything (can't even see what other options exist). All my contacts are from my Touchpad so there is nothing on the SIM card. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I pretty much only get that on conversations that are rather old, or when I'm not connected to whatever network I'm messaging via (Skype, Yahoo, GTalk, or my cell network for SMS) .. Usually that message goes away shortly after reconnecting. Though I do have a Pre-, a Pre2, and a TouchPad, no Veer.
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