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    Quote Originally Posted by woosh View Post
    stopped in, hoping a miracle had occured.
    unfortunately not put it in at a repair shop and am now hoping it can be fixed. If not I will just buy another one. I can't use another smart phone as they now feel too big after using my baby veer for a few months
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyssal View Post
    pulled it apart, inside was all dry. It will turn on but the touch screen is gone. In desperation I will try to get it fix but I think I'll just buy a new phone.
    Its not the water that borked it but the impurities in the water that did. Since the warranty is already done, could try to COMPLETELY dismantle the device and clean it thoroughly with distilled water and cotton swaps. Use 90% alcohol only on the circuits since this stuff can break down adhesives, and even the plastics. Put it in front of a fan for a day and pray before putting it back together.

    Its still possible that the short cause permanent damage so drying it out still may not work
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    nope its fried. I put it in to get repaired and no luck. I'm going to keep it for awhile in case it comes back to life by some miracle. In the meantime I'll be using a giant samsung galaxy. ho hum
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    Buy another one. They're pretty cheap and there is "no substitute for the Veer"
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

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