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    On Thursday night my Veer chirped with a message that update was available from HP. It was the orange logo for update.

    I thought WOW 2.X.X is here. After all was done with the update it is still 2.1.2.

    What is this update? Anyone else get it?

    Later I checked my second Veer to see if the update would download to it. It say it was update.

    What is this?

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    I had this too a while ago, I guess it could be some update to push the HP Maps instead of Google Maps? I have no idea what else it could do....
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    having this since thursday night on my Pre running 1.4.5. It says there is an update to version 1.4.5?! Didnt install it and rebooted to see if it still pops up. It does. The update is 1mb - dont know what it is..
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    It's well-known bug that causes native maps app unusable. Don't install it.

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