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    Every time i make a new event and swipe back, it's gone... i even did the quick way and just tapped on a time type in a few random letters.. tapped off of it and it STILL disappeared. Please help. I have a few very important things coming up. Thanks.
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    Did you check the right calendar for this appointment within the dropdown list at the top-right corner?

    Which calendar are you using? (palm profile, Google, Exchange …)
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    All Calendars.. Still having no luck. :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBlackxBlood View Post
    All Calendars.. Still having no luck. :/
    Do you have the Google Calendar Sync patch installed? I’ve read that it’s important to de-activate the Google account’s calendar before patching.
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    You could also try removing any calendar accounts, then adding them back.
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    Eh, Here's my situation. I've had the Veer since August, right after they shut WebOS down, and it WAS working perfectly. Recently the battery has been randomly dying at 34%... So i recently used WebOS Doctor... Ever since THEN.. i haven't been able to use the calendar.. I have appointments saved from before.. but it won't allowed me to put new ones in..Extremely weird to me.. But if you guys know anything that may help... I don't use it for any other calender other then Palm's. I have other accounts on there, from before either. So i'm clueless. Talk to you guys soon. Thanks for the responses so far.
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    Tough one! Maybe try via PM to the author of Uber Calendar patch, as he might know the most about calendar issues in webOS …
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    You could try impostah and see if your new events show up in the calendar database.

    This is indeed a very strange issue... did you skip activation or something like that?
    I experimented with the calendar a bit, because I am currently developing a syncml client. And from what I've seen the calendar shows about everything. Even if the account and calendar IDs are missing, it shows them as connected to an unknown account.
    The only reason for events to be in database but not show up was that they had an empty rrule object (so the field was not empty, but there was an empty object).

    You could also have a look at the logs with lumberjack. The calendar app is very talkactive about just everything... maybe that shows something.

    I think the easiest solution would be do try another profile reset (erase apps and data) and see if that repairs it. If that doesn't help, you most probably can only fix it with disabling backup and loose all your old data.

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