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    is there currently any convenient possibility to save usernames and passwords in the webos browser on the Veer?

    I found an old thread that says basically that if there isnt a Remember Me option, you cannot save passwords.

    Is that still the case or is there an app or something of the like?

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    I think there are a few softwares which stores your username and passwords.
    Although I dont have much faith in storing my credentials on a phone but its still worth a try.
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    what kind of software would that be? Apps? How can I do that on a Veer?
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    Splash ID is an Example of Such an App

    There are many more ranging from 4 - 10 or more $.
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    first of all: thanks for taking the time to help me out here.

    I had a look into splashID and it looks nice.

    Just to make sure I have understood it correctly: will that still ensure that the passwords and usernames I enter are then already there when using the webos Browser on a Veer.

    For example: if I save my Amazon username and password in one of these apps, will the data automatically show up when I visit on my Veer?
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    no, the credentials are most probably not in the browser...

    On the touchpad there is advanced browser, which is able to store passwords and can replace the original browser... but I can't remember any nice solution for the phone.

    One could try to patch the browser... but that would be a real huge patch...

    With the implemented encrypted storage webOs is quite good to save your credentials in case you lost it...
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    So there is currently absolutely no way to have automatic login on a Veer with usernames/passwords stored previously?
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    As long as you don't reboot the phone it seems to remember the cookies and you don't need to relogin for most websites. At least that is the way for me... But there is no way for automatic login, only ways to save your user/password on the device and use copy & paste. Some of them are quite secure.
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    Also don't clear your cookies and cache, that will clear your passwords too.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    only ways to save your user/password on the device and use copy & paste
    Is there any specific app that people use to do this?

    Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    Clipboard the best application to store your copy paste data.

    Also you can use touch notes / pre-text for the same.
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    I hear that secustore works good... for me it currently is tapnote (because it syncs to all my devices ) and on the touchpad I have KeePassW installed (I have keepass on my PC also, so that's great). Sadly KeePassW does not exist for the phones, yet... and development also seems to be stopped.

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