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    Hi guys,
    I just bought a locked AT&T Veer which i unlocked with unlock code. I did a #*DEVMODE# business to get into the phone so I can put in my home WIFI credentials. I do not have a Palm profile, and I have no data plan so right now my phone has dr skipped firstuse as my palm profile.
    This does not bother me, my question is what do I do next to get the most out of my Veer. I've been reading the forums and I've seen Preware, WebOS QI, patches, novaterm, install, but I'm being overwhelmed with too much information and I'm not very techy when it comes to these things, as my needs are rather basic. So I need some guidance in the simplest of ways.
    Some problems so far, as of right now I cannot seem to be able to get into app catalog, so I can't get free apps like facebook and the sorts. I have synced up my hotmail account via exchange, and my facebook account. My calender entries don't show (although i have it on), my mail only pulls around 5 new emails from my inbox. Finally, my Veer seems to lag a lot randomly. The firmware says 2.1.2.
    Any help greatly apppreciated thanks for your time
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    To access the app catalog, you need a Palm Profile. You can get one by doing a full reset on your phone and going through the registration process with your mobile connection now it's unlocked. Alternately you can install the 'Show Firstuse' patch from Preware or webOS Quick Install, but that may be jumping the gun slightly if you want to start small

    If you did want to start getting fancy, you can install Preware:
    (Preware - webOS Internals Wiki
    I would recommend using the webOS Quick Install method, as it's the easiest imo.

    From there, you can look at patches via Preware, see if any sound good (shameless plug: my Mojo Smooth Scrolling/FPS Booster/etc patches make the UI smoother and more awesome) and install them.

    I would also recommend installing UberKernel
    UberKernel - webOS Internals Wiki
    for a good general performance increase and lag reduction, and perhaps Govnah
    Govnah - webOS Internals Wiki
    for overclocking and modifying kernel settings, which will give a very significant performance increase and reduction in lag.

    In what way do the calendar entries not show? Are you trying to sync a calendar account? Also, you can change how often and how much email is pulled by going to App Menu (tap/swipe down from the app name in the top left) > Preferences and tapping your email account.

    Other than that, I'd say have a read around the forums and the blog. The tip posts on various features are very informative. Oh, and enjoy your excellent new phone
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    Thank you so much shiftyaxel I'm at work right now so I won't be able to try your suggestions but will do as soon as I can. I have a question though, when you say that I have to go use my mobile connection now it's unlocked. What do you mean exactly?
    Reason I ask is this.
    I'm from the Caribbean, when I put the phone on, i tried to register a Palm profile assuming that they would've asked for my wifi settings (home network), instead the phone seems to want a data plan from my camera. I cannot proceed unless I enter the APN settings, hence the reason I did the developer mode thing and put in my wifi settings. If i were to reset, i would then lose these settings and put me right back at the start. How do I get around this limitation?

    As for calender, I use hotmail everything, contacts, tasks, calender. Everything is on. I expected my calender entries to be there. The phone sees that I have calenders with colors too if i go into the menu, but the entries just don't show ON the calender itself. Pretty weird. Hotmail usually is very nice with exchange naturally
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    No worries, glad to help and i mean your data plan, the first use registration doesn't give an option for wifi (as unintuitive as that is.) As a workaround, I'd say Preware via webOS Quick Install would do the trick, just install that then use it to install either the Show Firstuse patch or Impostah, which can also create palm profiles (under Activation from it's main menu.)

    And I'm honestly not sure what's going on with calendar in that case :| hopefully someone else with a little more knowledge of that area will know.
    webOS Ports' UI Architect & luna-sysmgr guru.
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    Hi HotNikkels,

    As Far As I Know WebOS Doesnot Support Sync With MSN / Hotmail for calender, how did you sync your Hotmail Calender in WebOS?

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    Ok, made some major headway. It was simple enough. I was unaware that the WEBOS QI was an actual standalone PC application, I was under the impression that it had to be installed onto the phone itself for some reason lol. One thing though, I see a lotta stuff to download from the WEBOS QI, so why should I use PREWARE? does it make a difference? or the advantage of preware is that I don't require a PC to install stuff?

    Anyway I'm installing the stuff you recommended, including your patches Anything else you recommend? I wanna get all the 'utilities' in before i start adding my accounts again. I have a palm profile now using the impostah thing. It still says dr firstuse but i can get into the app catalog. That's fine right? That won't cause any problems or anything? Also is there a patch to hide my messages from showing on the screen when I get one. I want that kinda stuff to be private in case the g/f is snooping (edit:found something for that). Is there a way to filter contacts by service? I don't want my sim contacts shown for example.

    It doesn't? I'm not too sure. I'm using my MSN/hotmail account via EXCHANGE and therefore i expect it to sync my calenders too....but it isn't. It's seeing the calenders if i go in the menu but not the entries on the calender itself. Not sure how to go about it. I'll look around.

    BTW Webos is really rocking. I'm surprised by how capable it is. HP you blow.
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    There is no way to filter the contacts except you can just erase them
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    Damnit!! i was hoping there was a patch for that. I don't want to sync my ENTIRE facebook list, just those that are in my facebook. Oh well, can't get everything I guess. Now to setup IMs. I need facebook and MSN, i already have google chat.
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    Using exchange DOES indeed sync my hotmail calenders!! I expected the days with events to have an indication when in monthly view but they didn't. When i switch to the other views my events show up. And here i was criticising
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotnikkelz View Post
    Using exchange DOES indeed sync my hotmail calenders!! I expected the days with events to have an indication when in monthly view but they didn't. When i switch to the other views my events show up. And here i was criticising
    Install UberCalendar from Preware and the days with events will show colours in monthly view.
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    I can't seem to get my IM clients working after following this thread

    Got facebook to work yay, but no MSN though oh phooey
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