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    I'm trying to find a quick way to transfer photos from my Veer to my TP. I have box .net on my TP but the online mobile app doesn't work on my veer. The TP one won't load on my Veer either. Any suggestions?
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    The box client in the app catalog works great for me. No problems uploading or downloading

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    I use the app from the catalog too. It works great.
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    Ok that app. They gave it away free for the TP but someone else developed it for the Veer. I still haven't put my credit card number into the cloud, still waiting for a Paypal system to pay for apps but I doubt it is going to happen. I would buy so many.
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    I tried the browser mobile version..... It won't allow me to upload. It just hangs. Might have to break down and put my credit card number into the cloud.
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    Why be afraid of putting your CC info "into the cloud"? The best thing about credit cards, is that if you ever get ripped off they will just credit back your account. You don't necessarily get the same protection on an ATM/debit card, though.

    I have experienced / been a victim of a couple incidents of credit card fraud, and never once had a problem getting the charges removed from my card. You just have to sign a sworn statement saying you didn't make the charges and they will take care of it. It's really not something you should worry about!

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    Just tried Boxalicious free version. It works great. I didn't realize Boxalicious was for

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