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i've heard of Voogle from checking these forums out, but it gets mixed reviews. if i used the web app, would i get notifications? and a question about Google Voice itself. if i link my new gophone number to my google voice number, give people my google voice number, and make calls with that number, no one will ever know my AT&T number right?
Yes, you can do that. I do that with my Pre2, works great. Of course, I use GVoice as my interface Although at the moment, I must admit that the old Google Voice web app has a better keypad for dialing than my app does, I hope to amend that in the future.

You don't get any notifications just using the web site, unless you happen to also have the web site forward all your messages to your cell phone as well. This is what I did before I had a smart-phone, I had an unlimited text receive plan, 10c outgoing prepaid, and I used my netbook (then my TouchPad when I got that) to send.

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I just went into the ATT store and asked for a prepaid sim, paid some money into the account at the same time and was off and running. I get a consistent 3G speed of around 500kpbs here in Houston, but I was recently in Florida and got 1-1500kbps. It was the same I was getting on my Verizon Pre Plus so not 3.5G/fauxG.
I went into the ATT store and tried to get prepaid on my Pre+ and Pre2, and they said the only way to activate on Go was to buy a Go-Phone. Meh.