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    thanks to Herrie my little Veer is now on WebOS 2.2.3, I did left out the A6 update due to all the warnings and that users did report SMS sharingd does work without updating A6.

    My TP ist on 3.0.4, freshly doctored. When I pair both as phone, all seems smooth, the Veer even asks me if I want to share my messages.

    Ok, here is now the funny thing. On the TP in Messaging app the option to use a phone does not show even up. Neither before nor after paring both devices. When I send myself a SMS from another phone both devices will recieve/show it, but when I tap on it on the TP, the Messaging app odes show up and wants me to add some extra account just like Google, Skype etc.

    What is going wrong here?

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    Seems, that I had to input another account, afterwards I can see my SMS.
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    Does it sync your SMS on your phone with your TP? Do all messages show up on both?
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    no SMS sync, incoming SMS on both devices, of they are paired when the SMS comes in
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    Then all sms messages are stored on the phone?
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    getting this to work should be a high priority for HP
    TTS is a feature that has ENORMOUS sex appeal
    they said they would have it & there machines are capable
    the firmware must support this feature if at all possible
    I wants my HP Veer to do TTS with my HP TP
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    for me the tts in the touchpad with the veer works fine.
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    I'm using 2.2.4 in the veer and 3.0.4 in the touchpad with the modemupdate firmware. I'm recieving and sending sms in my touchpad.
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    I have got SMS on both devices now. But I have noticed something strange. Since updating to 2.2.4 incoming SMSs show the sender's no in international format and not the sender's name. So I have no idea who the message is from (unless I happen to recognise the number). If I add an extra number in international format to the contact the message displays the name. Don't want to have to go through my entire contact list replicating numbrrs though :-(

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