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    I've been attempting to do a one off transfer of my contacts from Outlook to my Veer using the Palm/HP Data Transfer Assistant. It gets as far as the screen which asks you to connect the phone but then the 'next' button is never enabled. I've tried this from two computers (Vista & Win7) & connected the phone at all sorts of times/ways and still no joy. Has anyone successfully managed to use this with their Veer?

    I was trying to avoid using the online sync as I don't currently have an account I could use and didn't really want to create one for a one off use. I also wasn't enthused about paying for somethign like pocketmirror as I'm not, for now, bothered about an ongoing sync.

    Any suggestions as to other things I could try to make this work gratefully received!
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    honestly, I was never able to get the DTA to work, which is another reason I recommend you avoid it. The primary reason is that you will lock your contacts into your webos profile, where you can only access them from your webos device.

    I recommend that you grab Pocket Mirror because it will work for free for a week as a trial. No obligation, no credit card info.

    it will give you plenty of time to copy everything from outlook for free.

    they also have a compatible app for outlook tasks and notes, but I don't think they will work after the trial period.
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    I also had big issues with the DTA. It really won't work well if you have alot of data. Sorry. I eventually did the Google route - created a google account, sync'd everything via the computer, then brought it back down onto my webos phone.

    That should help for a bit, but there are issues with Google sync'ing over the long term. Sigh. I really miss the Sync button of PalmOS...

    If there are any real Palm employees left, and you are now twiddling your thumbs waiting for the final announcement, please do one last good thing, and re-create Palm's syncing capabilities (maybe as another synergy service?).
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    Thanks for the replies, good to know it's not just me.

    I guess I will have to go with either pocketmirror or an online sync, I was just hoping to use the dta as a simple answer while I decided whether I was going to actually stick with the phone or not.

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