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    We are having trouble loading up web pages over the 3G connection and using the Bing maps application.

    My wife and I have been using the HP Veer trouble free for about two months. All of a sudden, the web browser will stop loading up ('error loading page') web pages after several pages are loaded. The same connection problems seem to plague the Bing maps connection. We have not figured out a way to 'reset' the connection to make things work again. (i.e. clear cache, clear cookies, clear location data, ...)

    The problem seems to reset itself after doing a wifi backup.

    Is this a known bug? Any suggestions on a workaround while out-of-the-office?

    We are planning to do a factory reset to see if the problem continues.

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    **** Problem Solved ****

    It seems that AT&T's system zero out my data balance while it was doing an auto-renew.

    They have restored the balance and everything seems to be working.

    Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for your help.

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