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    Hi, I'm from Peru, I bought my Veer from eBay unlocked. (It has the AT&T logo in the back). My Palm Account says 'United States of America' in the country field but I cannot see any Paid Apps in the App Catalog.

    Is there a way to activate that? When I open Impostah I check my 'Country App Catalog' (or something like that) and it appears 'PE' (because I'm in Peru), but in my Palm Account I see United States. What can I do to access for paid apps in the catalog?

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    try to reset the phone! That's wat I did for my touchpad using overseas.
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    App cat will only work over WiFi if you are outside USA on an unlocked AT&T veer.
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    For me it works actually over data connection here in NL. You need to make sure your APN settings are correct though, because mine were not correct from the carrierdb!

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