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    Well, i downloaded a WebOS game collection, and most of games i've installed have a resolution too big for my Veer 4G. most of them remain with 20 pixels missing on the left side.

    most of games are running nearly fine, but due to the screen problem, some of the buttons in the game dont work and image cant totally display. Only these are running 100%:

    - Crusade of Destiny (best working 3D game for Veer so far, style Zelda for N64)
    - Angry Birds
    - Supersonic
    - Guitar Hero 5
    - Ancient Frog
    - Cronk
    - Road Rage

    (Can anyone say me about more compatible games on Veer please? cant see it on internet)

    Games with resolution problems:

    - Need for Speed Undercover
    - Nuclear Attack
    - Bubble Bash
    - The Settlers
    - The Sims 3
    - Assassins Creed
    - Avatar
    - Brothers In Arms
    - Castle of Magic
    - Earthworm Jim
    - Dungeon Hunter
    - Pong
    - Battlership
    - Fifa 10
    - Asphalt 5
    - Hero of Sparta...


    In other words, most of the better games.

    Any solution for that, please? After hard searches I can't find nothing.
    Thank you!
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    So you pirated all these games and want help?

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    try paying for the games azzhat
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    ah, ok, I looked at obsessor's other posts and see that he's in Brazil and apparently has little or no app catalog access. buying the games through the app catalog is perhaps not possible for him.

    that doesn't actually make it ok to download a pack of pirated games though.

    the answer to the question is that because the Veer (and Pixi) have a smaller screen than the Pre/+/2, full screen pdk games have to be written specifically for them. many games have a Pre version and a Pixi/Veer version, though some have only a Pre version. obviously the games you're having issues with are Pre games improperly side-loaded on to a Veer. if you got the games through the app catalog, you would have received the proper version for the Veer's screen.

    for access to the app catalog, see here:

    go forth and sin no more!
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    fact is that there are quite many games that are not available for the Veer.

    You can't do much about that apart from bugging the developers... but I think most won't pay attention to us poor veer people with our dying os.
    There might be simple solutions to some games, like specifying the resolution in some config file... but that is very specific solutions that are not there for the most games.

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