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    I have a problem here.

    I use de Doctor in my Veer and in the first boot I try to turned off and I tap a red button that said "Deactivate".... after this, I cannot login to my palm user in the next boots (si cannot use it because it needs data 3G connection to be able to do the first login to the palm account right? is it possible that maybe Id deactivate the Veer? (from the Carrier) I'm not sure but now I cannot login to my palm user in the first boot (but I still can see the carrier name at the top) my Veer is from ATT but it's unlocked and I've been doing calls and everything here in Peru... but after the doctor and that 'Deactivate' thing I cannot log in again so I cannot use it (because it's only possible to activate it in the first boot with 3G right? Not with wifi.

    Please, help this is kind of frustrating
    (sorry for maybe bad english)
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    you skip first boot by turning on dev mode
    then use impostah to log in to your account

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