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    I have a pretty standard veer, with preware and freetether as the only non-app catalog apps. it used to be pretty good about not crashing, but now it decides to die about 4-5 times a day. a lot of times an incoming or outgoing text will crash it.

    any ideas to make this better? factory reset??
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    HMmm this is unusual, if you have only those 2 extra apps without any patches. A standard Veer can have the "too much cards" problem once in a while, but random crashes 4-5 a day is way to suspicious... are you sure you didnt add something else that causes this behavior (since you didnt have it before)?

    JSTop from preware usually solves the problem of the cards error, the crashes, i dont know.
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    Try turning off automatic backups for a few days and see if that helps.
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    i factory reset and it got a little better. i think the bug is if i shut the phone during the few seconds of lag right after you send a text it'll crash. much potential, such crappy execution...
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    webOs likes being re-booted
    my Pre & TP have had few problems since I got into the habit of doing this regularly

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