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    I have my Veer now for about three months and didn’t find a solution for protecting it. I just had this »sock« for MP3 players, to keep it in my bag safely, but it was the most ugly alas cheepest choice.

    Today I went into a Sony Shop, to check out about Laptops and remembered the Xperia Mini Pro, which is just a bit larger than the Veer. And there it was. The perfect case from bugatti for 20 Euros. And after a bit of manually widening it in the width, it just FITS PERFECT!

    bugatti Basic passgenaue Handytasche - bugatti - THE EUROPEAN BRAND
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    I got a cheap samsonite, which doesnt look that bad and does the job just fine. Thanks for the find, i dont like the branding that much, but is better than nothing!
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    not a case but the original pre sock works great. only problem is that i keep losing it. yors looks nice tho
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    I was looking for an old case today and ran across my wifes old Razor(Motorola) case. It is a bit long but the width is perfect. I think I will keep it. These should be easy to find on

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