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    I have a veer with webos version 2.1.2

    is that the latest version available for veer? how can i update it? i know pre3 runs 2.2

    can i get a hold of this for the veer and how would i do so?
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    "Just Type" "Updates"

    Check for an update.
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    there is no released update past 2.1.2 for the veer yet. however 2.2.3 (and 2.2.4) is known to exist inside HP. no one knows when or if it will be released. there's no practical way to get it at this point, other than to get your hands on one of the few Veers sold on ebay that were updated to 2.2.3 by someone with inside contacts. even then though, since the update was not released by hp and there's no webOS doctor or kernel source for it, there's no support from webOS Internals for it either (so no patches, no uberkernel, etc.)

    in other words, patience young jedi.
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