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    I notice that while indoors, on my home Wi-Fi LAN, the Veer always fails to nab a location lock. I see the "your current location is unavailable" notification whenever I tap crosshairs in the stock maps app. Once I disable Wi-Fi and a cellular data icon appears, a fix can easily be gotten. Can the device not geolocate through cellular networks while indoors and on Wi-Fi? It must be able to jump around networks while say browsing the web and receiving text messages, no?

    I am not highly knowledgeable in this area. Do I gather that Wi-Fi based geolocation requires a third party subcription, and the Veer, not subscribing to any of these, simply does not know to request whatever information from cell towers when on W-Fi? Am I missing something, crazy, doing something wrong? Is this a documented issue? Thanks for any help folks, keep up the good work here!

    edit: done more reasearch, read the other threads, gather there is no true GPS on webOS phones. And for many, the aGPS can be touchy. There seem to be myriad issues relating to geolocation on the veer for different folks. I'm on AT&T, the GPS fix app doesn't help my situation, in fact i'm finding I cannot get a fix at all now, not even outside, though it is overcast. The notion of having to "stimulate" the GPS systems on this device into getting a fix makes me cringe. It really should just work. I'll continue to troubleshoot, but my original question stands, can the veer geolocate using web services on wi-fi only?
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    I used to have no problem whatsoever getting a GPS fix using my Wi-Fi connection indoor - that all changed with the damn update to Bing Maps. Ever since this update, I simply can't get a fix on my location. Even worse, when I move outdoors and finally get a fix from Bing, my location typically shows a couple of miles away from where I really am.
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    When I can't get a GPS fix I restart the phone and it does the trick.
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