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    Recently got a new veer. Upon transfering contacts, i have around 250 contacts on my phone's memory and 200 on the simcard. i was wondering if there is a program that will enable me to clear my SIM card's memory b/c i have so many duplicates between the phone and sim.

    any ideas how to not go through one by one and delete each individually?
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    i faced this very same issue also, and i struggled to work around it.

    what i actually did was used my old android phone to download the "contact sim" apps from marketplace and used it to clean out all the simcard contacts.

    if all else fail, u can fallback on the manual deletion. i walked the talk, i actually deleted 450+ contacts on my veer, one-by-one, to clear it out...took me 2 days heh
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    Am happy to delete one by one although when attempting to do so the contacts don't delete. Perhaps my SIM is locked. I can make phone calls though!

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