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    Hi Guys,

    I am new on this forum and I am sorry if my question will hurt you, but I didn't find any useful tips to resolve my issue.

    I got my new veer but I have some problems with it.
    I have installed preware but since before that and after installing it I always have had a message "Sorry, Too many cards open".
    This message is always present, even if i have no program running.
    I have tried everything (reset, use of doctor and so on).
    The phone is unuseful with all this error messages.
    Any idea or suggestion.


    Alex from Italy
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    i have seen many people complained about this too-many-cards-opened problem, but i have 2 veers and i didnt encounter that message even once after using it for a few months already.

    i think i read somewhere that certain versions of the freetether might cause this.

    there is also a kinda "config" file that indicates wat programs terminate-and-stay-resident in the memory, u search along the lines of that in the touchpad forum.

    assuming the veer is like a computer, clearing the equivalent of cache/swap files might help...
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    This can happen to anybody, it happened to me with my veer, but my moms veer has never had a single issue. Mine has a couple of programs and patches, my mom has none, maybe thats a reason? What intrigues me is the fact that yours is persistent even after a restart or doctor... Mine was always good after a fresh restart.

    Anyways, to the OP, there is a solution to all this. In preware: search for JSTop and install it, restart if required, not necessary but always advisable. Run the app and pull down the app menu, tap on the last menu item "Enable Auto GC" (its a bit annoying, but does the work well, you can always disable if you dont like it). You are good to go! Is a set-and-forget application, so no need of more tweaking.
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