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    Hi ,

    I recently brought HP veer from HP store and Keep on getting network searching error for At& T sim. Please let me know if any one got this error or how resolve this?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Srinivas Muchu
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    had similar issue take out your sim and use and eraser to rub the gold metal of the sim. This should get rid of any crap which stops the sim making good contact with pins.
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    Thanks baloo247.
    I simply removed and reinserted my SIM card, all was again OK.

    Explicitly: On my HP Veer suddenly voice and text were not working. "Network Search..." was at top left instead of usual "AT&T", and zero bars signal strength. WiFi and Bluetooth remained fine.

    After a long chat with AT&T service I concluded wrongly that my 3g antenna must have gone bad, glad this was wrong, and glad to find above simple fix
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    Glad to read you got it worked out and are happily using your Veer!!

    Makes me wonder...

    Here's a guy still using his veer. Posted here only a few times, goes to att for help rather than automatically coming here.

    Makes me wonder how many are just like him, still using webOS, but not the obsessed type like me who tune in here daily.

    I'm just speculating about how many webOS phones are REALLY still in service. Hopefully many more than illustrated in the "count" thread. I wish i knew! =)

    Keep using those cute little Veers!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!

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