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    my veer will not work with captive portals. My pre 2 has no problem on the same portal.
    the veer opens the page but never loads the login page, eventually it just times out. Is this a known problem? Can it be fixed, like by copying a previous networking module over?
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    mine was able to log in fine at my school's wifi, which used captive portals(well according to my phone)

    you can try opening the browser and logging in there, iirc captive portals will force you to login before going to any webpage
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    i experienced the same issue. i'm not able to connect my veer via captive portals but dont have any problems when i use my iphone to connect
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    If you want to connect to a captive portal, you will have to disable "data usage" under Phone/Preference and accounts. The Veer is trying to use DNS from the cellular network and since captive portals redirect all traffic through them, it breaks.
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    Is this a 2.1.x only bug? I seems to work OK in 2.2.4 here?
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    Mine connects just fine, even with data on. (2.1.2)
    You need to log in a user name and password.
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    on 2.2.4 here. Captive portals work great
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    For me captive portals also work good for 2.1.1, even with data on...

    What happens if you just open a browser and type some random url, like That should get you to the portal site. The captive portal thingie does nothing different. IIRC it tries to connect to or, maybe that is somehow faulty for some portals?

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