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    To start off, I'm in the military and I bought a ATT locked Veer with no SIM that i will activate when i get back to the states. In the meantime I want to be able to use the non phone features over wifi. I have done some research on this forum and was able to perform the following.

    At the SIM start, put the phone into developers mode.

    Installed Preware through webOS Quick Install.

    Through Preware, installed Impostah.

    In Imposter, in Activation, kept US region and entered my webOS account info (palm profile). I have an existing profile I use with my TP, if that matters.

    Ok, I did all that and now I'm able to access app catalog. But, there are couple things that still don't work.

    When I go to System Updates, it just gets the neverending circle.

    Also, the Yahoo IM does not work. It just stays on offline when try to make available. I'll get a little notice on the bottom saying to check my yahoo account login. I know for sure I'm putting the correct information. In the meantime I'm using a third party app from app catalog for YM, but I really want to use the built in messaging.

    Yahoo mail didn't work right out the box either....had to do the workaround I found on this site. Is there a fix to this that I missed?

    One last thing, where's the touch to share? That was one of reasons I bought the veer. Yet I cannot find anywhere on how to get this to work. Just how to sync via bluetooth, but even that doesn't seem to work for me.

    So, what am I missing? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Why don't you unlock it? Dogbert has released his free Veer unlock

    System update goes OTA via 3G I guess, not via WiFi?

    I've got no clue about YM. Touch to share is not available from what I understood, but will supposedly be included in the next update (2.2.3?) that's pending?
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    Thanks for the input Herrie! I didn't want to unlock it if I didn't have too.

    I was able to get the System Update to work by......turning off devmode lol. Still have issues with YM though. If I can get that to work, I would be a happy camper. Well that and hopefully TTS eventually.
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    use the bypass process to use without activating:

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