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    Hi folks,
    on my Touchpad I added all contacts and all calender events (birthdays and so on) to my WebOS profile, and I thougt if I use my Veer with the same profile I can use Contacs & Calender events as well. But it doesen't. Is there a way to sync from Touchpad to Veer (via Bluetooth e.g.)??
    Thanks & greetings
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    Not exactly what you're looking for but if you use Google your contacts, calender, mail, etc will sync between both devices. As an added plus there's the fact that you can modify each of those things on your computer as well.

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    is there a easy way to move contacts/calendar from webos to google profile?
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    I connected my veer to my touchpad through bluetoothi and it sync'd my contacts and calender.

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