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    OK called AT&T for a White and Black Veer. They had the unlock code available for the White Veer already, the Black one will only be available in December she said. Took me about 12 minutes on the phone for EUR 0,05/minute so that's about EUR 0,60 for an unlock code
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    I just contacted them and was told that they didn't have a code for my device, and couldn't send a ticket in because I didn't have an AT&T account, and that HP never gives AT&T unlock codes.

    I'll try again.

    [edit] So I tried again and the different rep made the case for me while I was still on the phone, and he says I should get an unlock code within 1-2 business days. Awesome!

    So if you're told they can't give it to you, try again!
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    Tried to get an unlock code from AT&T today, but was unsuccessful. They claim they don't have the unlock code for my IEMI number and instead gave me the phone number for HP.

    Looks like I'll be paying for my unlock code...
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    hookedoncv, you should try again.

    The AT&T rep I spoke to for one of my phones tried to make me go away too, but I insisted that it's AT&T who would have the codes, not HP. She understood I wasn't going away without a request filed, and proceeded to file it. (remember their job is to get through many calls/day and maintain a short average call duration - if they can get away by providing an HP number, they have no incentive to take a complete request)

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. (then give up)
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    (removed my email, thanks multiply)
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    Ok, as an update I've received the unlock codes for both remaining phones from AT&T now (total 3 phones).
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    Just wanted to add one more for those who were able to get a free unlock code from AT&T. I called in & was initially told they wouldn't give me one because the Veer was exclusive to AT&T. The CSR was very polite & friendly. We talked about the Pre3 for a few minutes, etc. She opened a ticket for me, asked my IMEI. I got an unlock code 48 hrs later. Since I'm now using my Pre3 on AT&T, I use my Veer on T-Mobile. Both are working great.
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    Hi guys. Just got my veer and called At&t today. The first operator said my EMAI was not in the database and gave me the HP number (and of course HP said that it's the At&t that should give out the unlock codes). Then I called At&t again and a different operator filed a request, telling me that I should get an answer (and hopefully unlock code) by 4th of November via e-mail. I hope it works......

    p.s. what is strange though, how HP and At&t can not work out such issue and provide unlock codes to the no-contract phone owners without a hustle and a week's wait.....
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    For what it's worth, I just called AT&T and gave them my IMEI number and they gave me the unlock code over the phone. I tested it with an alfa SIM (from Lebanon) and it worked fine. I am currently an AT&T customer, so I don't know if that had any effect.
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    Awesome, just unlocked my Veer in Australia for free by calling AT&T
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    My IMEI:012604000863972
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    Quote Originally Posted by litingzhou View Post
    My IMEI:012604000863972
    Call AT&T or use Dogbert's unlock described here: Dogbert's Blog: Unlocker for Palm Pre/Pixi and HP Veer Phones
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    Sorry, my English is not good, can you help me find the unlock code?
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    My oral English is poor, please help to find the unlock code.
    My IMEI:01260400xxxxxx
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    Quote Originally Posted by litingzhou View Post
    My oral English is poor, please help to find the unlock code.
    My IMEI:
    i wouldnt really post your imei here

    even with that we cant do anything without the physical device

    if you post what your native language here, maybe someone can help you out more

    edit: of course, you can contact AT&T, but dogbergs unlock is more sure for you to actually get the unlock code
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    This is my mobile phone numbers, my mobile phone models is the HP veer 4G。Please help.
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    Just a piece of advice: If you do not get supported by At&T, call them back, cos you need to get someone with a bit of humanity and professionalism, and that seems to be a rarity at the At&T. Finally after calling and faxing (apparently the don't use e-mail, only send out automatic replies), I have filed my second case (the first case was cancelled for an unknown reason, and I received an automatic e-mail from them saying "your case has been rersolved", way to go At&T). Keeping my fingers crossed (I'm an optimist by nature)
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    One other tip: the IMEI number reported by the software on my Veer had two spurious digits suffixed to it. The box itself had the correct number. AT&T was unable to locate my Veer using the number reported by the OS, but happily gave me an unlock code once I got the correct IMEI from the original box.
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    Call ATT two days ago. Opened two cases for my two veers. Got email yesterday asking for proof of purchase. Faxed today. Got unlock codes in an hour! I used the IMEI # on the outside box.
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    I called AT&T and they said they dont have the unlocked code yet. I asked to speak to a manager and he didn't even want to take a ticket for my Veer. ****er! will try again!
    Black TouchPad 32Gb running smooth @1.8Ghz/F15c kernel - White Veer-DigitalUnlock(ed)
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