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    I have Hp veer....i unlocked it via code....
    also created pal profile in dev mode .....

    Problem is...

    1) i cant off the Update...
    2) I cant use my 3g ...

    I am from india...

    i tried edit network.json file but i cant edit the apn there....

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    I may not be able to help, but can you be more specific in number 1? I am not understanding what you are asking.
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    1) there're no update YET.
    2) ATT Locks it.
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    just anybody guide me for 3g...plss..i tried contacting Digital unlock but no reply
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    im using the veer in singapore and the phone auto detects the 3g settings. the 3g speeds are actually 3.5G here, otherwise known as faux-G in the US.

    anyway open the dialer app, goto the options menu, then into preference. u can change your 3g settings there. goto ur service provider's website to find the proper apn and such.
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    i guess ur veer is unlocked ......u bought unlocked?
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    i says successful ....but it gets refreshed wen i go back to prefrence....
    means my apn :bsnlnet
    wen i write tht thn succesfull....thn i go back....thn again click network setting ....damn...nthng...

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    actually, i brought both my veers locked and paid to get both unlocked. but a user called dogbert actually took time to find a way to remove the lock, for free! praise the dog!

    the network settings should stick after u changed it. try this, change your network settings, then set ur veer on airplane mode and back on normal again, see if it makes the network settings stick.

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