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    my German Veer with WebOS 2.1.1 suddenly stops booting when it dsplays the HP logo (before it starts glowing). It sits like that for ever until the battery is completely drained.

    I've tried power button hold + ringer switch three times many times. That doesn't help.

    I do not want to doctor the phone. So is there maybe a way to put it in command line mode to see what keeps it from completing the boot process?

    Greetings, Jost
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    No replies? Come on, please!

    Okay, maybe "watching" the Veer booting is not possible. What about copying the whole device in USB-mode? Does it have to be booted to do that? Or is it possible to connect it just as a usb-flash memory?

    I would like to save the Veer's contents before doctoring the phone.
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    You may try to get conncted with WOSQI, then go Tools -> Unix Shell (or something like that) and type reboot ...
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    why is it you dont want to doctor the phone? Patches, apps, paid apps, own modifications, themes?

    if you want to save a specific file before doctoring try the WOSQI option of "get file". It will be difficult cuz you need to know exactly the directory of the file, but you can always ask here
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    Basically, I would like to save data I've entered in different apps like a checkbook app and a car cost app.

    I'm not sure if I can get access to the phone via command line if it doesn't boot at all, though. Didn't have time to try, yet.

    Greetings, Jost

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