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    win7 wouldnt accept the partial driver install for the Python key generator to unlock.

    i did my Pre3's fine, but Veer no go.

    after, i must have had a problem that required a redoctor for the fir,ware to be recognized as current. it spit out the unlock no prob.

    my latest dilemma is how do u update the cerificate now that rolling bck the clock isnt enough? ive searched a lot and found nada.

    to clarify my steps for future searchers:

    1. use a winXP device. (win7 worked with my Pre3 but not my Veer)
    2. download/install Python 2.6.8, pywin32 and pyserial and reboot
    3. follow dogbert instructions for keygen
    4. follow dogbert instructions to create c:\\unlock and extract Pre3_veer unlock
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