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    if we use the charging cable and also put it on the magnetic charger at the same time will it over charge?
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    Try and let us know

    Start first with the audio jack first and see if it works :P
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    No, the battery and webos has an overcharge protection.
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    I've done that before as I have a touchstone on my desk and a usb cable to my pc. Haven't had any issues but I don't do it too often just when adding music etc.
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    if you don't mind me asking what would be the purpose? Does it charge faster?
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    Touchpad charges just a tiny bit faster when connected to both, according to the meter on the Dr. Battery app. Barely above a noticeable amount.

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    It's not causing problems, but in terms of charging it's not worth the hassle of a cable...

    But there are times, when you have your device loading on the TS and you need to have a USB connection. Adding music is one thing. Other things might be connecting via novacom for development purposes or installing things with WOSQI. And it's nice that you can do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xethur View Post
    if you don't mind me asking what would be the purpose? Does it charge faster?

    just wondering really coz i was syncing with data cable and i use my touchstone for a dock/stand aswell, so was wondering if it would do damage
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    No, it's not doing any damage.

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