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    when i put phone on speaker, the phone goes dark after a few seconds... i have set the timeout to be 3minutes, so i dont think its realated to that, my hand is also not near the proximity sensor aswell...

    anyway to fix?
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    I'm also having similar issue with one of the veers I bought, it seems that soon I press dial button, the screen goes off(it never comes back) no matter what I do, I had to restart the phone by holding power button down & simultaneously toggling the mute button three times. This is happening every time I press dial button after entering desired number.
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    Make sure you're not anywhere near the sensor in the top right corner of the phone.
    After you press send keep your hand at your side and the screen will come back on and then press speaker phone.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

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    Guys we already have a post about this and I clearly stated it you must not use a screen protector at all in messes with the sensor on some veer you can cut a piece out where yhe sensor is and reaply the protector so trust me its the screen protector as I had the same problem.
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    i'm not using a screen protector.... it turns off after about 10 seconds, purposly.. i want to keep screen always on

    i suppose webos think people want there screen to dim no matter what.

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