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    Hi, I bought an AT&T-locked HP Veer via eBay to use on the Optus network in Australia. I bought a registration key for the DigitalUnlock program and went through the process, which seemed to work but the Network unlock code was blank when it was displayed on the screen. Of course the program says I have zero credits remaining so I can't run it again. I sent an email to the DigitalUnlock Support team on Sunday but have not had a response yet. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.
    Hobart, Australia
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    The support team is not replying me also.
    Don't know what's the problem.
    Hope they will contact you soon.
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    Yep! Same here. Digital Unlocker does not work for my Veer and no reply from the support team. Fantastic.
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    I received an email from the Digital Unlock Support team with the required information and the unlock process worked properly.
    My Veer is now working on the Optus network and I'm quite impressed with it.

    Hobart, Australia.

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