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    I've wanted a Veer so badly since the price dropped but since it's GSM only, I can't get on PagePlus' $29.95/mon plan.

    Is there a way to get this phone on a good network no-contract? I see there's an upcoming deal on T-mobile for $30/mon with 100min, unlim data/text (limited speed after 5GB) which would be nice except it seems that the Veer is missing AWS or something, it has the 2100MHz but's missing the 1700MHz and it will only run on EDGE speeds, which I'm assuming is not enough for VoIP (100 mins is nowhere near enough) if there even is a VoIP app for webOS, although I've read that the antenna supports it but it's not there so if there is a preware patch........?

    Needless to say I'm confused by all the seemingly random terminology the cell industry uses. I need a new phone and I don't want one much larger than the phone I have now, which is a Juke, on a Verizon prepaid account.

    I'd like to move from a "featurephone" to a "smartphone" but there's no way I'm paying Verizon or anyone $70/mon for phone. That's just going the wrong direction and that pricing is ridiculous.

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    go on ebay and buy one they are cheap
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    Quote Originally Posted by jutleys View Post
    go on ebay and buy one they are cheap
    Thanks, I plan to do that BUT I'm asking about the plans you can get on these, since it seems to be missing a necessary band for Tmobile.
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    OK in my opinion here is the 4 best options for prepaid gsm.

    1. h20 wireless. They use att coverage and give you unlimited data (for now) for $60 and month. I think you have to unlock the phone first. You can also buy a sim card at best buy for $10 or about $5 on amazon.

    2. At&t go phone. You want have to unlock the phone. The plan are much more expense tho and you have to add a smart phone data package. The data packages are as follows:

    $5 for 10 MB
    $15 for 100 MB
    $25 for 500 MB

    Get Started - from AT&T

    3. Simple mobile. They use Tmobile coverage so you will only get edge speed. But on the up side you will get unlimited everything for $40 and month

    SIMPLE Mobile | No Contract Unlimited Wireless Plans

    4. Tmobile prepaid. Look at the plans you can see for you shelf

    Prepaid Plans | Prepaid Cell Phone Plans | Prepaid Data Plans | T-Mobile

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks! Very informative.

    I'm thinking about the T-Mobile $30/mon plan, 1500 text+minutes/mon + 30MB data, but I'll take the $30/mon 100min, unlim text+data if I can figure out if there's a free VoIP service that won't use minutes and if it'll run on EDGE.

    Time to do more research =3
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    AT&T has an unlimited everything Go Phone plan for $50 a month. You do not have to get smartphone data, just BS them and use a regular phone to activate it.
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    We bought an unlocked AT&T Veer from eBay for $112. Including postage to the UK, thats $162 (or around 104). Considering that Veers on sale in the UK are around 250, I think thats a good deal.
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    Note that H2O wireless runs on AT&T, so unlocking is not necessary.
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    You can get the white Veer from HP for $99.

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