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    Running the terminal app . just "going to sleep" and then "waking up" once for each time hit the power button.
    Now it is "going to sleep" and "waking up" every second for the time it is supposed to be down.
    it killing my battey!
    somebody help?
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    I assume you already rebooted the device.
    You can try do doctor the device to factory condition and see if the problem persists.
    We saw such problem on a pre and pre2
    (If you cant see the url: h t t p://
    That post points to 2 other threads as well.
    Someone had success with installing a different kernel.
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    my veer is factory condition now,but the problem dont be sloved.
    which kernel?it can work on veer?please help me.
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    There was only one story about a dif. kernel fixed the can't sleep problem.
    I don't know if it will work for you.
    You need to get preware installed (with betafeed enabled)
    Infos about the the testing feeds here:
    h t t p://
    Read the site very well and you have to agree to the rules of the testing feed.
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    the uberkernel for veer has't screenstate mode,so it don't work.
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    i think it is a modem problem,mine willn't sleep after unlocked.

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