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    Hey guys, I just got a Veer and unlocked it the other day. I downloaded angry birds and tried to play it but I just get a brief black card and it closes. I tried doctoring it but to no avail.. Anybody know of a fix? or should i just wait it out. Thanks
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    restart the device after it installs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    restart the device after it installs.
    haha tried that.. still nothing =\
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    Angry Birds Lite?
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    Delete & reload?
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    nope. Full version angry birds. There's a lite? I didn't see it in my app store. Maybe I'll try that. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, doctoring, master reset, everything): nobody else having this problem with the ever? Its only angry birds too
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    I didn't see a Lite in the Veer catalog either. Just checking your catalog compared to mine. I believe I have an American catalog with this phone....had a Canadian catalog with my Pre. (not as many apps and could buy from US)

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