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    Give us a clue of the price nam.
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    Single Unlock For Veer are 16 GBP (aprox 25 USD per Unlock), discounts and better rates available for quantity.

    Purchase here: HP Veer Unlock
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    I've had a really hard time trying to get modem drivers for my Pre+Pre2 to work properly, so that'd be my concern about using their solution. Plus the price is higher than what we've been receiving from group buys.
    palm lineage: VzPre+ to Pre2 to Pre3, now using a AT&T Pre3 on wifi and Panda Touchpad.
    DU unlock codes available (Veers, Pres, etc, Oh my!)
    Has Pre3s & tpFauxG for sale!
    (Sales prices always less than ebay)

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