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    I just got my new Veer tonight. The first thing I did was overclock it with warthog kernal, now what other patches should I install to improve performance?
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    Hey Kevin,

    When I was using patches with my Veer I used the following:
    - Ad Blocker
    - Advanced Reset Options
    - Bookmarks List Button
    - Browser Scrollbar
    - Default to Month View
    - Fixed Keyboard Brightness 25
    - GSM 3G GPS and Brightness in Device Menu (lets you force 2g edge to save battery if your in an area that doesn't have 3g so your phone doesn't keep wasting battery looking for 3g)
    - Make It So
    - Muffle System Logging
    - Open Memos App to New Memo Page
    - Remove Tap Ripple
    - Unthrottle Download Manager
    - Original Blue Theme
    - Transparent quick launch bar
    - Dr. Battery (for battery temp)
    - Poweroff button
    - Jstop with auto garbage collection (improved battery savings?)

    I'd also suggest taking your time with installing a few patches and seeing how your Veer works for a week, then installing some more etc. I installed all of these patches at once and my Veer started acting kind of funny so I had to webOS doctor it back to square one and I'm not using patches yet since then.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the community!
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    Does muffle logging just do what dialing *#logs# does? Also, are there any patches in development to get the veer's messaging to work on the TP?

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