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    I powered up my new veer on the weekend and tried to download my profile with Dr skip first use.
    It didn't download.
    Took my Pre- and it wouldn't back up. It asked me to reboot and I lost contact with the "cloud".
    Unlocked my Veer today and tried to update my profile...nothing there.
    Tried my Pre- it rebooted and I lost everything on it to a fresh install. Dam!
    Call HP to try to backdate my profile to last week. They said they can only do it for the Pre- but the Veer is stuck with nothing in the Profile. Pre- is offline.
    Any suggestions?
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    So you are getting logged into your profile and nothing is there on the Veer?

    Please specify exactly what you mean by nothing is there, also did you keep everything in your palm profile or did you use other services like google/exchange/etc?
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    if you "bypassed" then you won't be able to log in to your profile. Check preware to if the first use patch is in there for the veer
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    I was using first use patch and logged into MY Palm Profile. Nothing downloaded onto my Veer.
    The next day my Pre- said that I was no longer connected to my profile. I went online, HP site, and notice the Veer was listed as the phone in my profile. I tried to log on with my Pre...nothing happened. Rebooted the phone and lost all my contacts, calender etc. (located on the Palm Cloud)
    Unlocked my Veer today and logged onto My Palm contacts, calender nothing.
    Pre is disabled now and there is a charge every time I change phones in my account.
    Called HP, they told me they can see both profiles one with the veer Sept 26 (nothing in it) and one with the Pre saved Sept 23. All my data should be in it. They said if I hook up the Pre, they can back date the profile for it but they can't back date the profile to last week for the Veer. I don't see why not, it the same data base isn't it?
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    Couldn't get an answer so I just reloaded all my contact info by keyboard. Pain in the ***** but its done.

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